Versions, changelog

List of versions & changes specific to SNCF’s Bootstrap fork.

Versions numbers will follow original Bootstrap versions, followed by SNCF’s revision of this same version.
For example, v4.3.1 r3 is :

  • SNCF’s revision 3
  • of Bootstrap v4.3.1

When changing Bootstrap version, SNCF revision will always reset to r0.


Revision 3 15/10/2019

  • Added Select Native (without javascript)

Revision 2 26/09/2019

  • Added style & main in package.json for NPM

Revision 1 18/07/2019

  • Added SNCF’s guidelines on Accessibility page
  • Added SNCF’s guidelines on new Analytics page
  • Added unminified versions of CSS & JS in releases (zip, npm)
  • Added “no external” version of JS bundle
  • Corrected .min. filename for documentation’s CSS & JS
  • Some other minor corrections

Revision 0 08/07/2019

  • Added flags pictures (svg) for languages links (french, english & german)
  • Added switches for hiding source code + global switch
  • Added new settings menu for darkmode & hidesource
  • Some very minors corrections & adjustements

Bootstrap original patches

Major overhaul with original Bootstrap’s patches. Here is a non-exhaustive list with major features/corrections, only thoses compatibles with SNCF’s Design (although all code is always present for compatibility issues).

  • Security fixes (see ship lists below for more details)
  • Added new .flex-fill, .flex-grow-*, and .flex-shrink-* utilities.
  • Added new .text-monospace utility.
  • .form-controls now have a fixed height to compensate for differences in computed height across different types. This also fixes some IE alignment issues.
  • Added new negative margin utility classes (e.g., .mb-n3). These rad new classes not only allow you more control over your general spacing needs, but also allow you to create responsive grid gutters at each breakpoint.
  • Added .modal-xl modifier class for our modals.
  • Added .text-break utility for applying word-break: break-word
  • Added .modal-dialog-scrollable modifier class for scrolling content within a modal.
  • img-retina, invisible, float, and size mixins are now deprecated and will be removed in v5.

Original Bootstrap’s incremental ship lists


Revision 6 06/06/2019


Revision 5 24/05/2019



  • Communication’s Footer is in layout tab

Migration guide

Some of markup has to be changed, to ensure your project will correctly be displayed in dark mode style, please follow thoses simples indications (we’ve essentially changed bg-light or text-white for some components to ensure that color will change with each of CSS files, so you won’t have to change your HTML markup when going between light or dark modes)

  • input-group : remove text-right in Button and select addons section
  • popover : add class="btn btn-link"

Design métier

  • alert : remove text-white from <h2>
  • charts : add data-gridcolor="rgb(51,51,51,1)" if you want to change grid color behind charts
  • list-double-columns : replace bg-light by list-group-double-panel-title
  • list-group : remove bg-light
  • sami : ordering colors have changed
  • table-group, tables : header first case should be <th> instead of <td> when checkbox inside

Design communication

  • carousel : bg-light becomes bg-carousel
  • contact : bg-light becomes edito-contact-bg
  • edito : bg-light becomes edito-push-highlight-bg
    remove text-gray500 in header
  • navigation extern example : remove bg-white in mastcontent
    remove text-white in <h3>
  • navs/actionbar : remove all text-white from <h3>
  • packshot : bg-light becomes edito-packshot
    remove text-gray500 in header <h3>
  • vignette : bg-white becomes vignette-bg
    remove text-gray500 in header <h3>

Revision 4 09/05/2019



  • Restored datetimepicker native on portable devices
  • Dropdown menu forced down on mobile breakpoints
  • Some security corrections on dependencies
  • As usual, lots of minor corrections and minor doc updates (see issues)

Revision 3 02/04/2019


  • Once again, lots of minors corrections & enhancements for accessibility
  • Minor cosmetics or docs updates


  • Added IE11 compatibility fix and howto
  • Vertical alignement of icons in Buttons Links
  • Translation of Graphic Boards

Revision 2 18/03/2019


  • Lots (LOTS !) of minors corrections & enhancements for accessibility


  • Search activated (by Algolia)
  • Lots of minors corrections for accessibility
  • Favicon & how to use added


  • Charts : vertical line on hover, and many others improvements
  • DateTime Picker : Time is visible with date when popup fired
  • Design Métier : Mastheader dropdown : mobile version corrected
  • IE11 compatibility fixed
  • Select : asynchrone loading fixed
  • Design Métier : Tabs : mobile version fixed

And many other minor corrections (please consult list of closed issues or commits for more details).

Revision 1 27/06/2018

Initial version forked from original Bootstrap.

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